I'm Shauna T. the owner of Expressions Inc. I'm wife, mom of two young adults, and based in Dallas, Texas.

Expressions Inc. was created for plus-size and curvy women who love to be modest in their apparel but yet stylish, classy, comfortable, and sexy. We believed that every woman should be confident in her skin and her clothing. It’s not what you wear. it’s how your wear it.

Our mission is to light your load and save you time. We know how time-consuming and stressful it can be to find the perfect outfit. We offer a variety of quick and simple yet stylish looks, that you can accessorize.

Our curvy cousins are women who embrace their curves regardless of their size. She confidently walks into any room and owns it. She is not afraid and does not conform to society's beauty standards. She is classy and curvy, she is confident, she is bold, and she is unapologetically her.

As I continue to grow my brand and be your fashion solution, I would love for you to grow with me.

Shauna T.